25 mar. 2015

Nada paso / Nothing happened

Hoy me desperté y nada paso con mis blogs favoritos, hasta donde sabia el 23 de marzo comenzarian a implementarse las nuevas reglas, investigue por ahí que nada pasaría y que todo seria como antes pero al parecer no muchos confían en esta vuelta atrás y estarían mas atentos al futuro.... No se que decir, yo amo blogger, pero se que esto hará que muchos artistas lo piensen 2 veces antes de abrir un sitio en blogger para publicar sus obras, es una lastima.
Por ahora solo creo que mis queridos artistas tendrán que resistir, pero sean precavidos,
recuerden como dice el dicho: "el que avisa no traiciona"


Today I woke up and nothing happened to my favorites blogs, as far as I knew the March 23 would begin to take effect the new rules, I research out there that nothing would happen and that everything would be as before but apparently not many rely on this backed down, and would be more attentive to the future.... I don't know what to say, I love blogger, but this will make many artists think 2 times before opening a site on blogger to publish their works, it's a shame.
For now I think that my loved artists have to resist, but be careful,
remember the old saying: "who warns, doesn't betray"
(I hope this translation be good)↑↑↑

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  1. Yes we are still here, but you're right, this will only make artists think twice when it comes to our kind of material, but as long as we are prepared for the end of days, will be on long after blogger has shunned us at last.

    1. good words!! I guess now all depends you guys

  2. Respuestas
    1. Hoo! Happy Easter to you too!! sorry the delay in replying, I had a couple of problems here, u_u you know u_u, but thanks again ^w^

    2. It's all good, I don't mind waiting for a replay and sorry for this late replay lol