24 dic. 2015

Feliz Navidad!! / Merry Xmas!!

Tengo entendido que en algunas partes del mundo ya paso la navidad,
al menos eso me enseñaron en la escuela ·.·),
pero aquí aun faltan varias horas para celebrar, así que de corazón
Les deseo a todos una Feliz Navidad!.
Diviertanse bien, no hagan como mis amigas aquí abajo (◠‿◠)'

I have heard that in some parts of the world Christmas is over,
at least that they taught me in the school ·.·),
but here still missing various hours to celebrate, so from my heart
I wish you all a Merry Christmas!.
Well have fun, do not be like my friends down here (◠‿◠)'

8 comentarios:


    I hope you and your family have a joy filled day of laughters, fun, joke and food, mmm lots of food, and love the sexy elves and damn that video was awesome, I'm gonna have to have look at more of his stuff lol

    1. thank you so much ;D and yeap, the video is very fun n_n

  2. Merry X-Mas!!!!!!

    An thank you for the naughty Pic and Video... I hope that today everyone could have so much fun as the girls in the video... ho ho ho ... :)

    1. of course! that is the spirit! n_n) lots of fun on these dates :b

  3. locomarcos26/12/15 13:40

    ¡¡Jaja que buen vídeo!! por cierto felices fiestas

  4. and Merry Christmas to you YmomY <3