26 jun. 2012

Volvio! / He's back!

 Tal Vez algunos ya sabian que el estaba de vuelta, pero para aquellos que no, aca va una buena noticia

Maybe some already know that he was back, but for those who not, here is the good news

Hey, Bart! Te acuerdas de fullytank?
Hey, Bart! Remember fullytank?


Volvió!... en forma de fichas!
He's back!... In pog form!


Puedes seguir su trabajo mas suave en su cuenta de DeviantArt

You can follow his smoother work in DeviantArt

Puedes seguir su trabajo mas fuerte en su cuenta de Hentai-Foundry

You can follow his hardcore work in Hentai-Foundry

2 comentarios:

  1. Hi YmomY!

    Thanks for this advertisement, you are too kind!
    I'll try to pay up my debt! :D

    Read you again soon!

    1. you're welcome :D and you not owe me anything, just keep making your good works