11 ago. 2012

Descansa en Paz / Rest in Peace

( R.I.P. )

Las despedidas siempre son duras, en especial cuando no son avisadas

The farewells are always hard, especially when they are not warned

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  1. I'm curious. Why did Pink Goblin get banned? I never saw any of his/her content.

    1. Oh that's a shame, he is a good artist, and he made amazing renders, but some day he decided delete his blog (T_T).
      He said me that was looking for a new place to post his renders, but also, he's in a art crisis for personal reasons and thinking what to do with it u_u,
      ºoº If you still want to know his works, I think that he is on DeviantArt, but there he is called tumanovab

  2. Anónimo4/7/13 1:40

    YmomY I'm planning to reanimate the blog soon. Just working on new renders. When will have enough good material will be back :)


    1. OMG!! those are excellent news!!! :) I'll prepare you a banner when you come back, don't forget to tell me n_n... You will return as Tumanovab or PinkGoblin ´(?_?¨) How were those vacations? :P